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“Walk Skis”

October 20, 2012

When I talk about this time of year I don’t even bother calling them “rock skis”, I call them ” walk skis”.  You spend most of your day walking over rocks and roots and grass on your skis just hoping for a dozen good pow turns on some old summer snow.  Sure, the skinning on the way up is usually passable, but the decent back to the lower elevations can be downright scary.  Mistakes this time of year can have big consequences.

Nonetheless, ski stoke is at an all-time high.  Social media posts popping up about people getting out, and getting after it early in the fall.  The usual early season haunts were likely a complete mess this morning.  Stuck vehicles, boot-packing on the skintrack, and just flat-out survival skiing to get home.

I applaud those of you who are heading out fully prepared to completely and utterly destroy your skis for these early season turns.  Forty-five centimetres of unconsolidated snow isn’t a base, but it’s sure as hell beats 95% of the other things most people spend their days doing. You might even be pleasantly surprised that your “walk skis” make it through to “rock skis” season.  But if they don’t, it just means upgrades in your quiver 😉

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