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Foxy Ladies

April 10, 2011

A two day window of good weather this season will get you to organize a trip in a hurry.

Dawson Amphitheatre

Audrey, Christina, Julie P and myself ventured for a few days in the Dawson Range area. We left early in the am on Thursday to get up the other side of the Asulkan Pass and set up camp. We had a quick look at the Dawson amphitheater trying to plan our next day’s objective.

Heading to Asulkan Pass

Before the descent towards Dawson

Ski down from Asulkan Pass








Friday morning we were up early, roped up on the Dawson glacier to access the south face of Fox. With a little boot pack we obtained the ridge leading us to the Witch Tower. By that point the wind was howling and the Selwyn glacier was looking a lot more broken than the picture we had of it. Committing to going up Selwyn meant committing to navigate it skiing down which didn’t appeal to any of us.

Lusti lustin' for the Comstock

More Dawson Range

Looking back towards Bonney







We then turned around with the intention of bagging Fox’s summit and skiing down its North West face. We had a great picture of it which helped us find the sneak into the rocky face. The run was amazing, the snow “powderrific” and we were all smiles skiing it.

Julie P and the Geikie

The ladies









Back at camp, we discussed our options for exiting the next morning. The weather allowed us to navigate through the Geikie glacier and we finished our trip with a ski down Forever Young.

Northwest Face of Fox (

Oh ya, followed by a beer and nachos at the Village Idiot with the girls and to top it off, Jeff and I had a delicious venison burger at the Woolsey Creek Bistro. The best burger I have yet to have. 😀

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  1. permalink
    April 11, 2011 12:12 AM

    sickter, what a sick line off Fox… loved it when we skied it and it looks like you skied it under similiar powderific conditions. nice women’s weekend trip

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